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How many feet on a horse?

About Founder Warriors

Hoof problems are the number one cause of lameness in horses, and laminitis/founder is the second most common cause of death.

cindy1Veterinarian Cindy Nielsen VMD, owner of Founder Warriors, established her practice to specifically address these all-too-common issues. Her passion is the horse (or mini or pony) suffering from laminitis or founder, and she has the skills, most up-to-date knowledge, and experience to help see these animals back to a state of soundness. She is also specially trained & certified in natural barefoot hoof care as well as Epona shoeing.


For laminitic and foundered horses Dr. Nielsen will identify and treat the cause, such as equine metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance) or Cushing's,  as well as determine the best hoof care option. She can evaluate your horse's diet including hay analysis and mineral balancing, and correct it if needed to address insulin resistance and obesity, take x-rays or bloodwork such as insulin/blood glucose and ACTH for Cushing's disease diagnosis.  For these cases Dr. Nielsen likes to take a team approach to fight this debilitating disease, including the owner, the vet and hoof care provider.  This is a serious battle that requires an aggressive approach with everyone working together on a regular basis.

Dr. Nielsen also provides natural barefoot trims for some 150 horses and can help transition most shod horses out of metal shoes with no soreness. New horses and their owners are always welcome.

Dr. Cindy also addresses other hoof issues such as long toe/low heel, club feet, abscesses, farrier related problems, navicular disease, thin soles, tender feet, toe cracks, quarter cracks, white line disease, thrush, "shelly" walls, contraction, and others.