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How many feet on a horse?

Not all horses can be barefoot

NOT ALL HORSES CAN BE BAREFOOT - that is a fact of life, BUT most can.legs1

Many horses can live at home bare but just need protection when being ridden on rocky terrain - for theseeponashoe horses boots work wonderfully, and there are so many booting options available nowadays with improvements over the old styles. Check out link for some of the best options. For those horses who cannot (and there are several reasons for this, discussed elsewhere on this site) be bare, Dr. Nielsen prefers Epona shoes - the next best option for horses in situations where they need protection of the hoof or for certain rehabilitation purposes.

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Going Bare - Transitioning There


The hooves in the photo are of wild horses - their feet completely untouched by anyone

Barefoot trims

Many horse owners wonder if their horse(s) can go barefoot, or even should. It is a well-accepted fact among top equine podiatrists that being barefoot is, in general, healthier than being shod.  The purpose of this article, however, is not to debate shod versus barefoot, but to give you the results of my journey into natural hoof care.

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